Terms of Service at a Glance

Please don’t upload pornography

It will be deleted and you will be banned. We're not a porn host.

Only upload images you own

Stealing isn’t cool. You wouldn’t upload a car.

We remove offending images reported at /abuse.

Please no gore

It's really not our thing.

Al Gore is fine, though

Terms of Service

  • Do not upload hardcore pornography or images of genitalia. We allow tasteful artwork at our discretion.
  • Do not upload copyrighted images to which you do not own the rights.
  • Do not upload material considered illegal or forbidden in both your territory and the European Union.
  • Do not upload inappropriate images - use common sense!
  • Do not upload images intended for use in unsolicited (spam) emails.
  • Commercial use is fine for the most part.* Please /contact us or tweet us if you have any queries.

Failure to comply with these terms will result in deletion of files, and your IP and any related accounts may be banned.

In more serious circumstances, you will also be reported to the appropriate authorities. Relevant information in offending cases is recorded and stored, to assist the authorities.

* If you're using our free service as a core part of your business, please consider our own hosting costs. We always appreciate donations.

Your Uploaded Images

  • All uploads remain your property (but we do reserve the right to delete images as per these terms).
  • Uploads aren't removed after any set time. Bandwidth and storage is finite however we do not usually enforce any restrictions.
  • Images uploaded remain private until you share them.
  • Images uploaded that break our Terms of Service may be deleted at any time. Uploads are periodically monitored by our team.

Please feel free to /contact the team, or refer to our /FAQ (frequently asked questions) for more information

Report Offending Images

To report an image please post the full image URL and your complaint over at /abuse. Please be specific and include an email if the matter will require discussion.

Guarantee Of Service

The site is run by three volunteers and is supported by donations and Patreon backers. We will always do our best to provide a stable service but cannot always guarantee this (due to server failure, network problems and other issues which may arise).

Although images are stored on a highly available and durable storage platform, cubeupload is not a backup service. Please make sure you have copies of anything you upload! We cannot be held responsible for any loss due to images being unavailable for any reason.