Why? Aren't you advert funded?

Yes we are, but how many adverts do you see?

Hardly any! Or none if you use adblock.

We occasionally get asked if it's possible to donate to the site. Never ones to miss an opportunity to sell out, we put this page up to answer any potential questions and to provide a donate link.

What happens if I donate? Where does my money go?

All our revenue (adverts and donations) is put towards keeping the service up and running. We don't take any profit and any funds remaining go towards the following month's bill.

Our service bills are covered mostly by advertising but sadly this isn't always enough so we sometimes donate our own money to help things along.

What do I get in return?

Not going to lie, we can't really offer anything other than a continued image hosting service and our eternal gratitude! Donations also serve as an incentive for us to keep working on the site: it shows other people love cubeupload as much as we do!

Make a donation

Please click the super high-res button below to be taken to our PayPal donation page.