Frequently Asked Questions. What happens to uploaded images, who made CubeUpload and more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cubeupload?

cubeupload is an image sharing service that never compresses or alters your image, it is free to use and is created by three developers in the UK.

What happens to my images?

We keep every image you upload unless it is found to conflict with our /tos.
User's images can be found on their /images page, where they can delete or share their images. Guest's images remain on the server, and they can use the links given to them, to share at any time.

We don't measure bandwidth, we don't remove old images, we do it all for the love of it.

What size and type of image can I upload?

At the moment we accept .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF all up to 5MB in size. We never compress these formats or mess with your image, meaning what you upload is what you get. Simple.

.BMP and .PDF are also accepted, but we convert these to .PNG.

What happened to guest/anonymous uploading?

Unfortunately we had to turn guest uploads off. We had too many abusive images being submitted which forced us to require user registration and email validation. The previous guest images will remain live but anonymous uploads are no longer possible.

Can my phone or tablet use cubeupload?

Yep, modern phones and tablets can use cubeupload just fine.

iPhone iPhones and iPads can upload and manage images from iOS 6 and above. iOS 5 and older cannot upload.

Android Android devices can upload and manage images from Android 2.2 onwards. We also have a cubeupload App for Android, developed by a good friend.

Windows Phone Windows Phone handsets can upload and manage images from WP8.1 and newer. The older WP7 handsets can manage files but are not able to upload.

Does cubeupload have an API?

Internally yes we do, however it is currently not open to the public. A fully featured API may make an appearance in the future.

Can I use ZScreen or ShareX with cubeupload?

Right now we only officially support uploading via the website or our Android app.

There are guides online which show you how to get ShareX working with cubeupload. However, we lose out on our advertising revenue which pays to keep everything running. We leave it up to the user to decide.